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Extraordinary Innovation Hostel: Reasons tribe bagged the ‘Student Housing of the Year’ Title

Life as a student living away from home is callous because of all sorts of challenges, especially concerning suitable accommodation and healthy living. India is home to the largest youth demography, yet it is the slowest and most backward economy in providing students with affordable, safe, and secure living options.

However, Tribe redefined this concept of crooked and small hostels where students are fed unhealthy and tasteless food. Since its inception in 2018, the Tribe community has aimed to transform student accommodation into luxury living and a comfort-like home. The experience of students living in the Tribe is nothing less than fantastic, which is one reason we achieved the ‘Student Housing of the Year award 2020-21’ by Siliconindia Magazine.

Students expect better living conditions when talking about hostels in Mumbai or Pune. Countless young millennials migrate yearly to these cities to pursue degree programs in Universities. Upon reaching the place, when they discover no availability of hostels on-campus, they wander through the city from one nook to another corner and return disappointed.

Looking at these experiences, Tribe founders realized that real estate has the potential to upgrade better living conditions for students. Hence, they emerged with fantastic interiors, a study, and a chill-out zone with a safe living environment by introducing Pune student coliving  & Mumbai girl’s hostel. Going further, being able to win the Student Housing of the Year Award, it proved to be a conjunct of not just one but several facilities:

Extra Spacious Luxury Rooms

When the word ‘Hostel’ is uttered, the only picture that comes to mind is a small, 4 by 4 clogged space that fits a skeleton-like dusty mattress with no proper linen or covers on Pillow. In some of the Pune Hostels, there would even be dampened walls that would smell horrible, and washrooms would feel unhygienic.

But Tribe broke this stereotype with luxury rooms of international standards that made students love and remember the days spent at the accommodation. The spacious sunlit rooms with clean linens and a lovely space to study give the students a wholesome living experience.

The Innovative RFID Bands

We millennials have a lot to handle. Our hands are full of books, bags, and coffee cups. If we have to manage another set of keys to the hostel room, it would be a nightmare. And that’s why at tribe, the RFID bands came as a wonderful phenomenon, making life easier for students. Crossing scavenging for keys from the list, the RFID bands were provided to students in Tribe hostels in Mumbai (Vile Parle) and Pune (Viman Nagar and Wakad).

Upon coming into close contact with the bands, the rooms automatically unlock, removing all hassle of opening the old rusty lock with an even rusty key. While stepping into the elevator inside the girl’s or boys’ Pune hostel, scanning the RFID band would only take you to your room’s floor. The safety level helps students sleep peacefully without worrying about who would duplicate or steal the keys.

The Ultimate Tribe App Experience

We are highly addicted to applications on our phones for every action— from grocery shopping to online apparel shopping. And that’s why Tribe happily familiarized the student community with the Tribe App. From raising a complaint to informing the campus about visitors in Mumbai or Pune Hostel, the app truly benefits the student.

They can even store all their essential IDs on the app to quickly show them when asked. No more hunting down the wallet for your IDs. On top of that, all community events and updates reflect on the app, so students are open to participate, discuss and poll on making a decision.

Mouth-Watering Food & No Warden

Both in a hostel seem like only a fantasy, but the Tribe made it happen. With chefs and nutritionists preparing a healthy and tasty delicacy for students at Cafe Mamaliga, it officially triumphs the tag of hostel food equals a few years of living with hellish food. In addition, the no curfew and no warden life is the cherry on an already delicious cake. Students are self-determined to reach back to their dorm rooms. So the Tribe family cuts them slack to be free birds and responsible simultaneously.

Tribe Family not just extends amenities for a luxurious living but also extends the love. The warmth of tribe Stays makes students fall in love with our student accommodations in Mumbai & Pune. It aims to make staying away from home & learning a memorable journey for students. So are you looking to find a hostel in Pune or Mumbai? Come be part of the tribe Family!

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Have Proof Tribe Stays Hostel In Mumbai Is Exactly What You Are Looking For?

24 February 2022


Have you ever wanted to check out a student hostel in Mumbai and know if it was what you were looking for before making the trip all the way there? Your search for the best women’s student hostel in Mumbai is over!

We know how daunting it can be to stay with a well-established family when you are new in the state, which is why we have created this student hostel dedicated just to girl students.

Tribe Stays hostel in Mumbai offers students an academic environment, stress-free community building, and fun activities to de-clutter. This unique city has an amalgamation of genres and topography, from lively urban beaches and heritage structures to backdrops such as Konkan Coast and Goa, giving you a taste of traditional structures.

We are a top hostel in Mumbai, providing hostels for girls. The entire process is so streamlined and straightforward that you would definitely book a personal visit first. Now, some things that will convince you why our hostel facilities are what you are looking for:

Affordability & Sustainability

Whether you are looking for home-style food, tidy rooms, fully furnished rooms packed decked with amenities, or free Wi-Fi, our hostels have everything you would need away from home. You do not need to set up utilities, negotiate with landlords or look for flatmates. Tribe Stays has 24*7 security and biometric access.

Community & Security

Our Mumbai girls hostel is a 75-bed Mediterranean boutique place. We offer fully AC single and twin rooms for girls with open fitness space, entertainment zones, and other facilities. This place also has an open-air Greek-themed café, sea-view terrace, and graffiti walls.

You will live within the economic travel distance from Rachana Sansad, LS Raheja School of Art, School of European Pastry, Mithibai College, Pearl Academy, and Whistling Woods International.

Friendly Staff & Luxury Amenities

Our staff is available around the clock for your service requests. Expect timely housekeeping and laundry services, including all-time power availability and luxurious size bathrooms. Finding a hostel in Mumbai! It is the home to the essential Mumbai experience. Contact us today for booking a personal visit.

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!

Luxurious Room In a Prominent Girls Hostel in Mumbai

22 November 2021


In today’s day and age, hostels have become more than just a place to stay. Nowadays, hostels are expected to deliver much more amenities than they were supposed to back in the old days. You can also get familiar with the students of various streams since Mumbai girls hostel don’t place such restrictions on mixing students.

Hosteling is a way better option than living independently because it enriches your brain with many pleasing memories and it does so without breaking your bank. So you can say that life at a hostel is easily one of the most important yet memorable moments and a good hostel can make or break your college life in a new city. We all know that it’s not easy to live away from your family, which is why you need a hostel for girls in Mumbai that makes your heart feel at ease.

However, there are many crucial factors many tend to overlook while picking a hostel. So here’s are some pointers that can help you in finding a decent girls hostel in Mumbai

Convenience:- The location determines the worth of a hostel so it should be the first thing on your checklist. The most ideal location for a hostel would be an area near your college with the availability of public transport. Instead of wasting both your time and money travelling between your college and hostel, just make sure that your hostel is located near your college in Mumbai.

Be Safe:– Always make sure that the hostel you choose has some reliable security systems like biometric security and RFID. All students carry some valuables with them so find out if the hostel facilitates lockers and safety deposit boxes for every female student. This also means that you need to look out for your safety so pick a hostel that’s located in a safe neighbourhood.

Basic Amenities:- Look out for girls hostel in Mumbai that provides some quality amenities to the students. Well-prepared meals are one of many crucial criteria to look out for. On top of meals, make sure that the hostel staff also take care of your housekeeping and laundry. Also, look for Wi-Fi and TV services which are being frequently introduced in hostel culture these days.

Curfew & Social Gatherings:- Well everyone has once heard of a ‘curfew’ in hostels where students are obligated to be present in the hostel before a certain point of time after dawn. However, curfew culture in hostels nowadays is rather lax so make sure that you choose a hostel after considering their curfew time. Also, take some time to find out if your preferred hostel organises social gatherings between fellow hostel mates or not.

If you have come to a conclusion after considering all these pointers then the last step would be to check out the reviews of your favoured girls hostel in Mumbai. If the majority of reviews are positive then that should give you the green signal you needed.

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Not the Home you Need, But the Home you Deserve.

Good things come to those who wait.
Great things come to those who don't!