Tribe Student Accommodation wins “Fastest Growing Brands/Leaders 2018 – 2019” by Asia One Awards - Tribe CoLiving & Student Accommodation

Tribe Student Accommodation wins “Fastest Growing Brands/Leaders 2018 – 2019” by Asia One Awards

23 October 2019


Ushering in an era of the largest booming economy, education excellence becomes pivotal.
However, to boot, it’s the journey that counts rather than the destination itself, and this is what
Tribe solemnly swears to do. It was born out of the necessity for top notch hostel experience for
students that thrive towards home and luxury living simultaneously. With it’s blue-ribboned
international standard amenities, that was previously unheard of in this country, it oaths to
revolutionise hostel living forever.
Tribe stretches itself to offer luxury at its foremost and this visionary lens was inspired by our
Founder & CEO, Mr Yogesh Mehra. With more than 20 years of real-estate experience and
excellence, he has proved that he’s the who’s who of real estate and a growth guru in the true
sense. By piloting his luxury stay project in Pune, he has manifested that Nesting and Luxury
aren’t opposite ends of the spectrum, rather they can be intertwined to ensure revolutionary
hostel experience. He envisions that Tribe is a home away from home for students who come
from not only Pan India but beyond it too. This is indeed plausible as Tribe offers a universal
package deal to students from fully furnished rooms, to breakout areas coupled with on campus
cafes, and pantry facilities. We thus pledge a leisurely stay as most of your expenses and
experiences are covered in a single payment!
The field of vision thats led Tribe rolling at it’s feet by backing its 2nd Award in the opening year
itself! Tribe Stays was crowned as “India’s Fastest Growing Brands 2018-2019” by Asia One
Awards. These awards are run by a business conglomerate, “United World Group Holdings
LLC” and their expertise lies in the areas of Real Estate, Gems & Jewels, Publishing &
Research, Recruitment services and Media Consulting. More importantly this preeminent
awarding line tracks the Utopians and highbrows of today, that bleed the mantra of change
everyday in their respective domains.

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