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I live at Tribe Pune. Where can I buy essentials?

23 October 2019


Let’s gather our “back to college” itinerary!

These basics are a “must haves” and your hands down survival tool for the year.
This guide of essentials will help you to get the ball rolling to navigate your way
through college life without compromising on things.
1.) Bombay Dyeing: This store is the gateway to cross off your ultimate
checklist. It trays everything from bathrobes, towels, pillows, bed sheets, and
blankets. You name it, they have it!
2.) Phoenix mall: A one stop shopping destination that caters essentials for all
budgets. It houses stores like Big Bazaar that dispenses all the hostel living
ABC’s. From toiletries, snacks, electronics like Kettle to Footwear and mere
clothing, it serves all the miscellaneous needs.
3.) Laundrywala: Although Tribe allocates laundry services in house on a daily
basis, just in case one wishes to use services like “Dry cleaning” for their best
buys or custom-made clothes they can always visit the Laundrywala’s. More-so
this external convenience is just a walk away.
4.) Ronak Stationary and Xerox: It’s a safe haven for your educational and
creative needs. With it’s offerings you can ensure that your mind ink will never
run out. Whether it’s decor led items or fancy schmancy stationary accessories,
this place covers it all.
5.) Wellness Forever: Tribe dispenses its own medical kit for your wounded
experiences, however if our tray falls short in bandaging you, you can always
count on Wellness Forever. From toiletries, and snacks to medical aids they’ve
got you insured.
6.) Enrich Salons (Phoenix Mall): Whether it’s a new experimental look that
you’re craving or a college compulsion look that you are bearing this salon will
serve you well. From home-boy haircuts to it’s show time look they’ve got you

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