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What is a break out area and what do students do there?

21 August 2019


We as students have a lot in our plate, from college clubs to assignments, from exams to exhibitions, the workload without a doubt gets excruciating after a point. Moreover, we all need a quick gateway to rejuvenate ourselves in order to put up our best front.

Tribe’s Break Out Area is just what the doctor ordered! Its indeed a key to surrender all your worries and inhibitions, to put aside all those mental blocks that’s hindering your growth. A social spotlight that provides comfort, a sense of belonging and experiences worth reminiscing.

The moments lived here echoes deeply within every tribe member, whether it’s watching the world cup together, and piping the adrenaline rush or hooting in excitement every time our dream team gave us one more reason to believe. Every tribe troop was in this together, experiencing the rollercoaster of emotions, every highs and lows and disappointments that came along the way. For others it was just a matter of 50 overs, but for us these 50 overs had “I’ve got your back” written all over it.

In today’s world such “community feels” or “sense of togetherness” is fading away, however we in tribe believe that these are in-fact the building blocks for what’s in store ahead. Communication is an integral part of our being, it moulds our sense of self, and tribe extends itself to train you exactly for that by providing such hotspots.

It’s indeed the sheer truth that these four walls of the zone have seen everything, from tears to mere laughter, all these emotions are deeply engraved in what tribe stands for.

From “Me-time” to “We-time”, the zone offers everything, a place to blow off some steam as well as to introspect. This coupled with a smart TV that’s provided has made it all effortless, one can easily use apps like Netflix, Amazon prime, and call it a Movie Night!

On the other hand, especially for book lovers, there is a secret spot under the trees that’s covered with fairy lights, and it also allows you to stargaze at night.

Apart from this, tribe offers myriad board games like monopoly, UNO, Taboo, snakes and ladder etc., that can be played in the breakout area, and for those more outdoorsy tribe still got you covered! The zone also provides foosball, Table Tennis and carom that can be played at anytime of the day or night! (Thanks to the 24×7 Mamaliga cafe)

To put it otherwise, the breakout area is the definite ice breaker in starting your tribe cum life journey!

Until then, Be silly. Be honest. Be kind!


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