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Why hostel friends always last longer than any other friends?

18 October 2021


Your hostel friends always last longer than any other friends. Here’s why.

When you move out of home, it can be difficult to adjust to completely new surroundings. The hardest part can be having no one to share things with.  Here’s where you have your initial connection with your hostel friends. They are also in almost the exact situation. You become friends by bringing comfort to one another. You slowly start creating a bond and they become your family you come home to. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, you know they are always there for you when you get back. 

A moment of joy can be hard to rejoice about if you don’t have anyone to share it with. Similarly, if you are feeling down in the dumps about something it can get rather lonely. You end up celebrating all the little & big things in life with them. 

You get accustomed to living together and looking after each other. You might not have the same major or be studying the same subjects, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t help each other out while sharing a room. If you’re writing an essay, your roommate can help you out by proofreading it. Working on a big project? Your roomie might just be your new go-to for bouncing ideas off one another. Two minds are better than one, right?

This could go beyond to even having a work out buddy. Now how long you will actually keep up your resolutions is up to you but it’s always fun to have another person do it with you. 

Your hostel friends have seen you in all your phases and moods. They know when you want to talk and when you just want to be left alone. You know exactly what food comforts them. Living together can lead to a lot of disagreements but you always end up making up. And know what irks the other person. They know you in & out – all your weird habits & your guilty pleasures. And still love you for you.

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