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5 Most Trending Netflix Series – Reviewed!

25 April 2022


Who doesn’t like Netflix and chill? The phrase aptly describes our regular weekends. After all, millennials dislike being interrupted by ads while watching movies or TV shows. Remember when the Bollywood classic ‘Sholay’ used to be aired on Zee Cinema for 6 hours – with 3 hours dedicated to advertisements. It was a living nightmare for cinema fans. But thanks to OTT platforms, we now have access to good content which we can consume as per our convenience. Netflix has certainly raised the bar when it comes to TV series through their original productions. Therefore, let’s take a look at those TV shows which will leave you yearning for more at the end of each episode.

Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad fans will certainly remember the antiques of the lawyer Saul Goodman. The character was so memorable that the writers and producers decided to make a spin-off series called ‘Better Call Saul’. Fans were initially sceptical regarding whether the series would match the standards set by Breaking Bad, but they were swept off their feet. After a mind-blowing five seasons, the final season is due to be released this April. So, don’t miss out and tune in!


The show’s creator Chris Van Dusen has successfully picturized Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton romance novels. Bridgerton is one of the most watched Netflix TV series, with more than 627 million views since its release. The plot is set in the regency era and focuses on the romantic lives of eight siblings living in London. This alternate history story revolves around the affluent Bridgerton family as they vie for romantic matches in London’s high society.


The eagerly awaited fourth and final season of Ozark is finally out on Netflix. In this show, Marty Byrde – played by Jason Bateman – allies with a Mexican drug cartel and gets embroiled in all sorts of problems. When things go south, Marty along with his wife and kids moves to the Ozarks – an area of low mountains stretching from north-western Arkansas to Oklahoma. He then sets-up a dangerous money laundering operation. Bateman has even directed episodes of Ozark for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award.

Rick And Morty

Rick and Morty is a science-fiction animated series specially made for mature audiences. Rick is an alcoholic, eccentric scientist who takes his grandson Morty on crazy adventures across the universe. Both travel to an infinite number of bizarre realities and dimensions inhabited by peculiar creatures like the Birdperson. Rick and Morty stretches your imagination by taking you on a wild ride through countless multiverses while inducing countless moral dilemmas in the minds of the viewers.

Peaky Blinders

Set in post-World War 1 England, Peaky Blinders is a show that’ll have you asking for more. Viewers will be instantly enchanted by Cillian Murphy’s flawless Brummie accent and eloquent eyes. Add an eccentric character played by Tom Hardy into the mix, and you have something monumental. The plot revolves around the lives and activities of the Peaky Blinders – a gang based in Birmingham. Fans will be delighted to know that the final season is out on Netflix!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and drinks to watch these must-watch shows!

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