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Tribe Easter Hunt

22 April 2022


Life at Tribe Hostel is one big party! This calendar year is replete with interesting events that are guaranteed to keep the residents on their toes. If, by any chance, you have read our March newsletter, then you know exactly what we’re talking about!

We had an amazing event called the Easter Hunt from 15th to 17th March. That’s right – the celebrations extended over 3 days! Now that’s what you call an Easter party! What better way to celebrate Easter than to have an Easter hunt? Now, you might be wondering what exactly an Easter hunt is. Well, it’s akin to a treasure hunt except for the fact that the participants were not required to travel great distances to find the hidden items.

The residents at Wakad, Viman Nagar and Vile Parle were provided with clues everyday that were certainly not easy to decipher. Everyone eventually consulted each other and rattled their brains over the clues. Excitement filled the air as the youngsters ran helter-skelter trying to cover every nook and cranny of the hostel property. We all know what motivated them to participate, don’t we? Of course, it was the sugar-filled gifts that enticed them to expend some calories only to replenish them later.

The Sherlock Holmes’ at Tribe didn’t take too long to decode the clues though. Once that was done, it was a question of who would make it first to the concealed items. Now you can imagine what happened as everyone turned into Usain Bolt – it was a race against time! Upon discovering the hidden items, the winners were gifted chocolates and Easter eggs. The treats were then shared with everyone by the generous victors. Everyone satisfied their sweet tooth in anticipation of many more future gifts!

Tribe is not just a hostel, it’s a family!

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