A guide to finding the best bookstore in and around Pune – by Tribe Hostel - Tribe CoLiving & Student Accommodation

A guide to finding the best bookstore in and around Pune – by Tribe Hostel

It is true what they say – that books are an indispensable part of our life. Books have the power to transport you into an imaginary world and dwell in the different stories it has to offer. A great read can in fact take you to a different universe altogether.

Imagine, after a hectic week of meeting tough deadlines, and attending classes/meetings, some ‘me time’ is the perfect pill to destress. And if you are a person living at a Hostel in Pune, there is nothing quite like getting some reading time to pass your time. And we know that there is nothing better than indulging in your favorite read by the corner of a cozy room or at a stunning cafe that has a wonderful collection of books and a cup of hot cappuccino…. The ideal place to grab a few moments of solitude.

And if you are a person who loves reading then this blog is the one for you. So, keep reading as Tribe Hostel will guide you through the best bookstores and book cafes that you definitely would want to check out.

Tribe Hostel

Words and Sip Book Cafe, Location: FC Road

Looking for a cozy environment to match your reading vibe? Then this is the place for you. As they offer affordable pricing, this makes the perfect spot for even students living at Hostels in Pune. While reading, you can also order some lip-smacking quick bites and relax in those cushiony bean bags while you devour your alone time. They even organize live events on weekends.


Fat Cat’s Cafe

Fat Cat’s Cafe, Location: Koregaon Park

Are you a person who loves reading but also at the same loves the aesthetics of your reading environment? Then, you have got to check out this Instagrammable book cafe making it a must-visit spot for all the Bibliophiles. With a serene interior, this book cafe has pastel decor and is stacked with a massive collection of books. It doesn’t just end there. Fat Cafe’s Cafe is also a pet-friendly cafe!


Cafe Kathaa, Location: FC Road

Cafe Kathaa is the perfect spot to unwind, relax and rejuvenate in a tranquil setting. They carry a vibrant ambiance with bright seating corners along with a wide bank of books where you can find a read in almost every genre. While enjoying your reading time, you can also order some delectable food from their extensive menu offerings.


saiesh Enterprises

Saiesh Enterprises Pune, Location: Viman Nagar

If you are living at Tribe Hostel, Viman Nagar, then this is a must-check-out bookstore. Saiesh bookstore houses a wide variety of books right including novels, vintage magazines, comics, self-help books, poetry, encyclopedia, and many more. Their collection also ranges across many regional languages too where you can find some of the best literary works!

The word book, Location: Camp

The word bookstore, located at Boottee street, Camp, is a store that is suitable for students as well as literature lovers. They even offer great discounts on books and have a wide range of reads. You can also subscribe to imported internal pieces like magazines and journals including Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, etc.


Book World

Book World, Location: Deccan Gymkhana

This is a bookstore that has been prevailing in the city for a long time. Their collection includes a wide variety in fiction, non-fiction, academic title – you name it. They also have vintage edition magazines, architectural digests, good homes, etc. The store not just carries first-hand but second-hand copies of books too.

Now that you have your guide to finding the best bookstores and book cafes around town, it is time to start exploring. These spots are especially best for students living at Hostels in Pune as most of these places offer budget-friendly reads clubbed with a cozy space for you to teleport yourself into the world of books.

While you are exploring these bookstores in town, if you are also surfing for a place to stay, do come and check out Tribe Hostels in Pune – We are located at both Wakad & Viman Nagar.

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