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Best Habits that you never thought could be adapted from Tribe Hostels

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You are finally starting a new phase of life, excited to shift to a different city, and embarking on that new college journey. But the only thing that is worrying you is the accommodation. Do I stay in a PG or a hostel? Is it budget-friendly? Does it provide basic amenities? Is it clean? And how would the hostel / PG life turn out to be? 

If you are confused about your accommodation and you are not able to figure out the best option to stay at, come check out Tribe Stays as we are here to offer you the best Hostels you could find in Pune. Our hostels are equipped with standard and deluxe rooms with amenities that cover all your stay needs and other facilities including a gym, chill zones, study, and breakout rooms that extend to provide beyond the necessities. But that’s not all. Tribe Stays also arranges different community activities like music festivals, art shows, comedy nights, etc. to keep the hostellers entertained.  

Okay, all this sounds cool but what about the hostel food? Well, we know the usual sob stories of bland hostel food that is why we, at Tribe, decided to turn the tables when it comes to food. If you still have not checked out our in-house cafe – Cafe Mamaliga, then you are definitely missing out.

Now, coming to the second concern – what will life at Tribe Hostels be like? Well, let us start off by saying that it is quite different from your age-old traditional hostel style. Why? Because we understand the current needs of the young crowd and we have designed our hostels in that manner. At Tribe, we take care of everything so that you could have a comfortable stay at Tribe Hostel. 

That being said, there is a lot more to hostel life. So, let’s try and understand what are the best things that hostel life teaches you and the best habits that you never thought could be adapted from hostel life.

  1. Discovering yourself
    To your surprise, you might learn that living in a hostel can help discover the strengths and weaknesses you carry. You learn new things, push your limits, how to deal with people, socialize more, and most importantly adjust and adapt to new situations and environments.Hostel life also acts as a space for you to break out of your comfort zone and converse with individuals as community living provides you with a space and opportunity to do so. And this is exactly what you can find at our Girls Hostels in Pune and Boys Pune Hostel. 
  2. Sharing
    Community living gives us a sense of being together which in return provides a space to borrow and share things. Think about it. The place where you eat, chill, study etc. can all be shared. The essence of sharing is that you get to interact and learn more. You get to understand different stories and experiences by fellow hostellers, you make new connection, you learn how to survive in a co-living setting. It transcends you as a person and provides you with a better perspective on things and life in general
  3. Meeting people from different walks of life & making friends for life
    There is no greater experience than interacting and living with people hailing from different walks of life. Both our, Girls Hostels in Pune and Boys Pune Hostel exist in a co-living setting where we strive to provide you with a space to make friends, learn about their culture, share experiences and build memories for a lifetime.
  4. Money management
    Living in a hostel teaches you how to manage your finances. When you are living on your own, you learn how to live within a set budget, prioritize your finances basis needs and yet have an amount to splurge on your favorite things from time to time. And with a budget-friendly stay with top-notch facilities offered by Tribe Stays, you know that you are not spending or wasting too much money just on accommodation.

Be it Girls Hostels in Pune and Boys Pune Hostel, Tribe only looks to provide facilities that can be availed by all Tribe Hostellers. So, if you are all ready to experience the world of hostel life, book your rooms and just move in!

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