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First-timer’s guide to living in a Student Hostel in Mumbai

Girls, imagine that you are new to the city and are looking for a place to stay. Are hostels the first thing that comes to mind? If not, community living is something you should give a try. And if you are new to the world of hostel life, choosing the best one that fits all your stay needs is something you need to keep a check on. When we think of Student Hostel in Mumbai, there are multiple things that come into one’s mind – time restrictions, unclean bedding, tasteless food, small and cramped rooms, and dirty drinking water. We get it. The idea of staying in a hostel might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Many might like it or even dislike it. But the current hostel narratives have changed, and you might be surprised to learn that hostels these days provide hotel-like amenities and facilities even for Girls’ hostels in Mumbai

But before jumping to conclusions, we must always research! Researching will help us understand if the hostels we are looking for fit our stay needs. Reading honest reviews and viewing images uploaded by hostellers who have stayed there before is also a great way to help gain some information before you finalize your hostel. That’s why you should go and check the vibe at Tribe. Click here to view:

From recognizing what to expect, to how to choose the best hostel for you, we are here to provide you with some pro tips and a comprehensive guide to staying in a Girls’ hostel in Mumbai for the very first time. 

So, let’s delve into understanding why you should choose Tribe Student Hostel in Mumbai

Okay, first things first. You have got to prep a hostel checklist. So what should it entail?

Rooms: Provisioned with the best amenities for student living, each Tribe property’s rooms feature ultra-modern interiors that create a highly energetic vibe. The rooms are fully equipped with beds with linen, lamps, desk, wardrobe, chairs, and baths with top-quality fittings and smart lighting.

Many people do not enjoy sharing their room or bathroom, but some might enjoy having company in their room. Keeping all these needs in mind, we have designed rooms which can be availed as single or twin sharing rooms. 

Location: Tribe Girls’ hostel in Mumbai is in one of the most prime locations- Vile Parle which comes with the most stylish facilities. The property features a Mediterranean theme with a sea-view terrace, graffiti walls, and cobbled streets. The hostel is also in close proximity to NMIMS University, S.P Jain, Pearl Academy, and VP Station.

Services and Amenities: When it comes to amenities, Tribe Stays never falls behind. The hostel comes with open fitness spaces, entertainment zones, TV in every room, housekeeping & laundry, breakout rooms, study and chill zones, nutritious meals and, many more. 

Community living: Ever wondered if a hostel experience could cater to multiple social interactions? Staying in a hostel is a social experience, indeed. At Tribe, we believe that hostel life will positively impact personal growth and can build unforgettable memories for a lifetime. From sharing rooms to having breakfast at the same table to chilling together, Tribe offers a space for you to experience a communal lifestyle. And trust us when we say the Tribe hostels are a great place for meeting new people during your tenure.

Having said all this, it is also important to find a budget-friendly and homely space as this is what most hostellers seek. Without a doubt, Tribe Student Hostel in Mumbai offers the best ones with top-notch facilities that not only matches your vibe but is also pocket friendly. So now, we can confidently say that finding a hostel that you will end up loving is not a hassle anymore. And you are definitely missing out if you have not checked out Tribe Hostels yet.

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