A step-by-step way to declutter Your Hostel Room – Guide by Tribe Hostel - Tribe CoLiving & Student Accommodation

A step-by-step way to declutter Your Hostel Room – Guide by Tribe Hostel

Hostel life and living are all exciting until it comes to keeping your room tidy and neat all the time. Let’s be honest. No one likes to see visual chaos. Especially if you live in shared accommodation, it is vital to maintain a clean and organized environment. We understand, keeping things organized might seem like a huge drag especially if you are a college student who has numerous classes to attend, piled up homework and assignments, or a working individual who is always on the grind to finish up office tasks that require your immediate attention. Think about it.  Amidst all this busy schedule, taking off your precious time searching for your daily necessities from the mess in your room might actually hamper your time and create frustration. 

However, your bedroom is often one of those spaces that can get pushed down the priority list when it comes to decluttering. And with these tiny and cramped rooms provided by Hostel in Pune and Hostels in Mumbai, it is all the more vital to keep your space clean and organized all the time to have a happy and healthy environment.

But don’t worry. We have got some good news. For the things you could not store in order, previously, we have a listicle of time-saving and convenient hacks that is sure to help declutter your room, organize it in a neat way, and definitely put a smile on your face. Keep reading to learn and understand the steps to declutter your room.

The very first step is to clean your room and throw away unnecessary and useless things. We repeat – throw away things that are of absolutely no use to you. Because nobody wants to live with a hoarder, especially in a place like a hostel where your space can be limited. Do not pile up the books and clothes in your room rather develop a habit of storing them in a designated space like a shelf or a cupboard. But having said that, you can always donate your things that are not in use. 

The next step is to organize and store things efficiently. While living in a Hostel in Pune or in a Hostel in Mumbai, considering how expensive the city can get, allocating your budget for a set of new storage boxes or buying a brand new cupboard might not be quite a pocket-friendly idea. Hence, it is important to make do with the available resources and assign spaces for your things using these available resources. When we say available resources, we mean things like ice cube trays to store small accessories, cutlery trays for your stationery, binder clips to sort and separate USB cables, wires, and cords, and shower curtain hoops to hang your scarves and shawls which can be attached to a hanger, shower caddy to organize books and dish rack for file or folder holder. 

Place them in a manner that you can access your daily essentials at one go and whatever is used less often can be stored away in boxes or suitcases etc. if you feel that your cupboard is overfilled. You can also assign separate spaces for your footwear vs. apparel. Clothes that are of daily use can be folded well and stored in your wardrobe. While, your party and festive clothing, which you might usually use on a frequent basis, can be neatly stored away in your extra suitcases. 

And finally, make use of unnoticed spaces. Spaces such as under the bed can be used to store baskets, old books, shoes, etc. Another one is the place where 2 walls meet. You can use this space for placing wedge-shaped tables or shelves to add extra surface storage. These are all spaces that might be usually in use. Hence it is important to utilize them in a smart way.  

Now you understand the importance of a tidy and organized room. Because having a messy environment where you sleep does not exactly make for a peaceful night’s slumber. Be it in one of those cramped Hostels in Pune or Hostels in Mumbai, it is time to prioritize your special space. And not just that. Having a decluttered bedroom is sure to give you a calm and serene area to unwind, think, and retreat to at the end of a very stressful day. And a clean room equals a happy you!

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