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The best part about living at Tribe hostel instead of an apartment or PG

For people who are looking for good accommodation, especially for longer stays, hostels and PGs might be the most suitable and economical compared to a hotel or an apartment. Well, for numerous reasons. 

In this article, let’s deep dive into each and understand why living in a hostel is better rather than an apartment especially if you are looking for an affordable stay.

So, what is a PG? 

A paying guest accommodation is where you pay rent for the accommodation and the facilities used while living at someone else’s house/property. It is quite different from staying as a tenant in a rented property. In a PG, generally, the landlord decides the rent, and generally the cost of all the facilities including electricity, water, housekeeping, food, etc. are included in the PG rent. PGs come in single as well as shared spaces too. Most PGs do offer other facilities too including WiFI, TV, and refrigerator. However, in most PGs, there are restrictions in terms of the time limit for entering and exiting the PG. And most PGs do not quite cater to your any more facilities apart from the basic ones mentioned above. But when compared to apartments or flats, paying guest accommodation is quite comfortable as most of your needs are taken care of and it is inexpensive when compared to living in a hotel or an apartment. 

 On the other hand, let us try and understand what a hostel is. If you are living in a bustling city like Mumbai, finding the right Hostel in Mumbai for you can be quite a task. With an array of options laid out in front of you, you can easily get confused about finding the right pick. Hostels in Mumbai are quite renowned to be cramped, smelly, and overcrowded. In a hostel, you can avail of single rooms as well as shared rooms with common bathrooms in a dorm-style setting. As compared to a hotel. Hostels too generally have a reception area, kitchen area, dining space, laundry and housekeeping facilities, Wi-Fi, and many other amenities. While some hostels offer more facilities such as a gym, breakout rooms, community centers, etc. not all do. And that’s where Tribe stays comes into the picture. Our Girls’ hostels in Mumbai which is located in Vile Parle provide one of the best that anyone could ask for. Why? Well, we have a numerous list of facilities that you would be WOWed by!

So, what is the real advantage of living in a Tribe hostel rather than an apartment?

First things first. Our hostels are pocket friendly. The rents can be way too high in your pocket and can be difficult to bear all the expenses when you live in an apartment. While in a hostel, all the expenses are included in the month-on-month rent you pay. 

Secondly, Tribe Hostel provides far better facilities and more than your regular hostels. This includes healthy and nutritious meals served at our very own in-house cafe – Cafe Mamaliga. Not just that, we have breakout rooms, Wi-Fi, laundry and housekeeping services, clean, neat, and spacious rooms, games, fun activities, a fitness centre, study and chill zones, and many more. All these facilities are equally available across all our hostels even at our Girls’ hostels in Mumbai.

While living at our hostel, the lack of social interactions isn’t something you would need to worry about. Students and working professionals from different walks of life can be met here which will surely enable you to not only make new connections, share a bond, and develop lifelong friendships but also learn about different cultures and traditions as you live together.

So now that you have plentiful useful information in hand, finding the right Hostel in Mumbai wouldn’t be a hassle anymore. Tribe Hostel strives to not only provide you with the best possible facilities within a set budget but is also looking to nurture your overall well-being. You can find Tribe Girls’ hostels in Mumbai which is located at Vile Parle and we also have our hostels situated in Pune which can be found at 2 locations – Viman Nagar & Wakad. For more information, you can check out our website or can always reach out to us as we are one ring away!

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