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Have healthy food & a healthy lifestyle – At Cafe Mamaliga, Tribe Hostel

If you have had the experience of moving out of your home and living in a hostel, then you must know a hosteller’s troubles when it comes to food. Surviving the hostel food is such a nightmare, especially for food lovers. And we know the kind of love-hate relationship you experience there. What’s worse? Most hostels do not even let you cook your own food.

And yes, we have all heard about those exciting midnight Maggi sessions and making those yummy Nutella toasts with friends. But in hindsight, is it really healthy? We highly doubt it!

But guess what? Hostel foods need not be so dire anymore. At our Student Hostel in Pune, we leave no stone unturned. Whether it is a hosteller’s stay needs or food needs, Tribe Hostel has you covered.

We believe that food is what fuels the body to stay active and keep you running. And that is why we feel it is important to cater to your nourishment and serve lip-smacking meals… so much so that even you wouldn’t ‘want’ to miss out on the food served at Tribe Hostel. Keeping this thought in mind, we would like to introduce you to Cafe Mamaliga – a truly one-of-a-kind cafe that serves multi-cuisine meals. The meals at our cafe are carefully planned and curated by in-house nutritionists to strike the perfect balance between taste and health. At our Tribe Student Hostel in Pune, we’d love to tingle your taste buds by offering plentiful options of best quality vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes so that you stay as far away from consuming junk food. What’s more? The cafe is open and is accessible to all hostellers 24×7.

Not just that. The food prepared at Cafe Mamaliga undergoes hygiene procedures to ensure the food is safe for consumption at all times. Even the ingredients we use in our food are completely tested and cleaned before entering our kitchens. 

We believe that it is not only vital in keeping what goes inside clean, but what goes on outside also matters. This is why the environment in which you sit and eat your food is also required to be neat and clean at all times. To ensure this, we carefully follow strict cleaning measures and protocols such as disinfecting the entire restaurant space including seating areas, tables, and kitchen counters.

Apart from serving wholesome and soulful foods that make you feel at home, Tribe Hostels believes in providing a communal living experience by fostering and nurturing the young crowd. And that is precisely why we felt the need to bring in the experience of co-living and tap into the vibe of our young generation. From international standard single rooms to twin ensuite rooms, fitness centres, chill zones, housekeeping & laundry to biometric systems, we have got it all. We strive to ensure that our Student Hostel in Pune is one of the safest hostels in Pune that you can ever find!

While we feel that living in a hostel is a once-in-a-lifetime chance you get, we understood that it is vital to make people understand the need for a co-living experience too…an experience filled with positive memories and friendships to cherish for a lifetime. A co-living experience not only liberates you as a person and provides you with opportunities to meet new people but teaches you ways of living that are affordable and compatible. And if you are a person who is looking to move into Pune and is up for experiencing the best hostel life, come check out Tribe Student Hostel in Pune. Trust us, you would be glad that you did!

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