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Blood Donation Camp at Tribe’s Hostel in Pune – A drive with a purpose

When we think of hostels, what are the first few things that come into mind? A bed, study or work table (maybe), bland food, and restrictions! Although the hostel concept has reached nearly most corners of the world, there are still apprehensions and preconceived notions about this accommodation style. But today, the story is far different. Hostels are now more well-structured and organized in more efficient ways than many hotels and other accommodation choices offered out there. And the hostels in Pune are also amping up their game. And which is the best hostel that offers world-class facilities that make you never want to leave? Well, we would say check out Tribe Stays which offers the best co-living experience across our Girls Pune Hostels and Boys Pune Hostels. We are not just talking about the ensuite rooms, mouth-watering food, in-house laundry & housekeeping, safe & clean environment, recreational activities, and rooms but also a CSR activity – a blood donation camp. That’s right!

Tribe Stays recently organized a blood donation camp on the 27th of August at their Hostel in Pune. The thought behind this blood drive was rather commendable. This blood drive was arranged in order to benefit our country’s soldiers serving in the Indian Army, Navy & Airforce who are currently recovering. Tribe Stays tied up with nearby hospitals including Southern Command Hospital, Army Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, and Military Hospital, Khadki to run this blood donation camp.

Well, a blood donation drive… sounds pretty cool but we still want to address a few things that are still prevailing such as the fear of needle-prick, lack of awareness, and a general indifference towards blood donation among our citizens.  And sometimes we only realize the importance of blood donation when we have to look for donors for our near and dear ones. But it is time we realize the importance of blood donation and start contributing to society, especially for our heroes. The camp was carried out in a meticulous fashion where after getting their forms filled, the donors had undergone a mini-health check-up, including everything from their weight to their haemoglobin levels.

Tribe stays also rolled out an announcement post on their socials where general tips to keep you comfortable while you join were also shared such as having iron-rich foods, including meat, fish, poultry, beans, spinach, etc., drinking extra water before donating blood, wearing comfortable clothing, and reminding you to relax & recharge after donating. Calling out every hero out there to save their heroes who protect our nation, the blood donation camp ended with a beautiful philosophy of – ‘Donate your blood for a reason, let the reason be Life.’

Having said that, we have designed Tribe Stays keeping in mind the current needs of the generation and understanding what our hostellers indeed really want. And we know that you have dreamt of living in a hostel life with a luxurious and homely living area, a home away from home, where you could make sweet memories. And Tribe Stays is here to offer you that and more. Now that you have read the article, you get a sense of the vibe at Tribe. And we want you to experience every single drop of that essence. Having said that, be it a Boys Pune Hostel or a Girls Pune Hostel, if you are looking for a hostel that will not let you compromise on your comfort zone, then Tribe is the place to be! Because we get how important it is to have a comfortable stay. So, pack your bags, book your tickets, and call us and book your stay!

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