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Students’ Housing Issues with Hostels in Pune? Not anymore!

We have all heard horror stories when it comes to students’ housing. Accommodation is, in fact, a major problem for students who are especially moving to a new city. Within a city like Pune, it is even more difficult to get decent Hostels in Pune considering the vast number of students who migrate to the city each year to pursue their education or job.  And hostellers expect more than just safety and hygiene in Girls Pune Hostel.

Many often find themselves scratching their heads to understand why hostels across the country do not even cater to the basic needs to make the students’ stay a comfortable one. The reasons for the same are numerous and we do not even know where to begin. So, let’s break down each of the worst student housing problems they face.

Best Hostel for Great Food

Let us begin with the most common problem faced – Foooood. Students often complain about how they are not able to adjust to the type of cuisine served at their hostels or their food is tasteless, unhealthy or not cooked up to the mark. If you are somebody who is a foodie or even merely just eats to survive, either way we have your back covered. Our very own in-house cafe – Cafe Mamaliga serves delicious healthy meals across all 3 meals. Well, that’s not all. Tribe Hostel in Pune also serves non-vegetarian foods across every meal. It is quite hard to believe, isn’t it?

Best student hostel in Pune

Facing the Pune heat especially during the Summer season is something we do not want to think about. And living in cramped rooms which are not air conditioned would obviously not be ideal for this weather. By understanding the real need of your youngsters, we have curated international standard ensuite rooms which are fully air conditioned keeping in mind to provide utmost luxury and comfort that most hostellers crave after leaving their homes.

Clean bathroom at Pune Hostel

Now, moving onto the next big problem – Unclean rooms and washroom. We understand how hostellers feel agitated when their surroundings and personal spaces aren’t kept clean, Especially, you girls, we get your worry! But at Tribe Girls & Boys Pune Hostel, you wouldn’t even be bothered with that. Why is that? Well, we  have in-house housekeeping and laundry services to help keep your space tidy & clean.  So, now you girls would not have to complain anymore about unclean bed & washrooms. Ever wondered what it is to like to run and go get your shower in the morning before they run out of hot water? Well, you wouldn’t have to worry about that at Tribe. We have water heaters which will be available round the clock to help you get your hot showers whenever you want.

Wherever you are sitting to study or work, the key thing required for this is good internet connectivity. And a lot of hostels lack the same. To ensure that your work or studying does not get affected and flows smoothly, Tribe has made sure that each of our hostels are well equipped with high speed internet active 24/7 and which is also available across different nooks of the hostel so you can sit, relax, and study/work at your leisure.

But that’s not all. When it comes to offering the best Hostel in Pune, nothing compares to Tribe. We provide top-notch facilities such as housekeeping & laundry, a space for you to meet new people,  timely service of food incorporated with carefully planned tasty & nutritious meals, gym & fitness centres, breakout areas or entertainment zone and many more even for our Girls Pune Hostel. Leave it to Tribe to give more meaning to your hostel experience. So, don’t wait around. Come join us right away!

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