Hostel life filled with Fun games, Podcasts, and Internships – Explore the Tribe way of living - Tribe CoLiving & Student Accommodation

Hostel life filled with Fun games, Podcasts, and Internships – Explore the Tribe way of living

When people move out of their homes and to a new destination, most hostellers seek security, comfort, and better living space all wrapped together in one. On one side, a city like Pune is ideal for both students and working professionals but on the other, most hostellers grapple with nutritious and healthy food and comfortable and clean stays. It often gets difficult to find classy hostels to stay in and gets further difficult to find decent Boys Pune Hostels too. And it equally gets difficult to find top-notch Girls Pune Hostels as well.

So, what if we told you we could solve this? And we could give you luxury living that’s beyond just a ‘home-like’ experience where all your living needs will be completely taken care of right from your stay to your social needs. Not just that, but what if you could be a part of a community podcast or even gain exposure to find opportunities for an internship? Ever wondered what that could be like? Well, think no more because Tribe Stays is here to address exactly what that situation would look like. Let’s deep dive and find out.

Game of Tribe

By bringing in fun games and interactive activities, we present to you, the Game of Tribe which is a weekly Game night, that invites all the Tribe residents to interact and have fun with each other through games including the musical chair, tortilla challenge and The first one to spill the water gets water spilled on their challenge to name a few. These innovative games are curated to keep our young folks entertained, engaged, and most importantly gain a positive and fun hostel experience.


Podcasting is the in-thing now so why not harp on it? Podcasts help cover varied topics across the globe and on different topics. Tribe encourages young minds to come to be a part of this and host a Podcast series where they can have healthy discussions, general chit chat, and most importantly, address events that affect the student community. We are not just talking about our Girls Pune Hostels. This can be availed even at our Boys Pune Hostels. Hence providing a wholesome co-living experience.


Tribe is more than comfortable stay and food. We feel the need to nurture young mind beyond their basic needs and this is exactly why Tribe felt the need to provide a platform for you to grow your skills through different programs and Internships. Tribe Ambassador program helps residents with a platform to create content on social media including testimonials, reels, videos, reviews and click daily life photos. And you get paid for this! We feel that every Tribe should receive an opportunity to explore their talents and get rewarded for their creativity and hard work. Photography opportunities are also provided here where hostellers can shoot videos or click photographs and even be part of shoots at Tribe! To improve their leadership skills, and build confidence and their communication skills, we have created Tribe representatives who help residents in case they have any grievances. They can even approach these representatives if they have any suggestions for improvements who in return will discuss it with the management and see that our residents have a wonderful and happy time at Tribe.

Improvising the concept of hostel living, Tribe brings to you an array of different opportunities for you to experience out-of-the-ordinary hostel stay endeavors. And now you know that we aren’t just talking about our Boys Pune Hostels but this can be captured and experienced at our Girls Pune Hostels too.

At Tribe Stays, hostel life is all about transcending from the point of having a mere comfortable stay to amping up the whole hostel experience. So don’t wait too long, you can book your rooms right away and become a part of the new-gen hostel experience.

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