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Cafe Mamaliga at Tribe Hostel in Pune – Now Open to Everyone!!!

Food is an integral part to one’s existence and there is no questioning that. The love for food is far and wide known as it feeds not only our body but our soul too. Food can serve, heal, connect, bind, and uplift human hearts. But when it comes to food served in a hostel, it is not something that most people look forward to as hostel food is generally deemed to be bland, tasteless, boring, repetitive, and whatnot. But we are here to talk exactly about that but with a slight twist in the narrative. 

Have you ever heard of hostel food being so popular that it could be the talk of the city? We kid you not. Tribe Hostel is here to break the general stereotypes people have towards hostel food and let us see what they have to offer.  Introducing to you – Cafe Mamaliga. Truly one-of-a-kind multi cuisine cafe located within our Student Hostel in Pune both at Wakad and Viman Nagar. They offer scrumptious meals from breakfast to dinner. But the taste is not the only thing that plays a prominent role at Cafe Mamaliga. The meals are carefully planned and curated by Tribe’s in-house nutritionists so that a well-balanced meal is served to every resident. The cafe is also open 24×7 so that the hostellers can access it anytime they want. Meals served at Cafe Mamaliga include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options which are made using top quality ingredients and raw materials sourced from the best which are tested, sanitised, and washed with special cleanser strictly before it enters our kitchens so that you do not miss out on the best and you get your money’s worth.

Each step in this process right from prepping the raw ingredients to finally making it into your plate, undergo strict hygiene procedures to keep you healthy, satisfied, and happy! Even our staff wear sanitised apparel, gloves, and hair nets and follow WHO regulations for hygiene. The pantry, eating and kitchen spaces are disinfected from time to time which includes the seating area, table tops etc. so that overall hygiene is maintained at all times. When it comes to providing the best, Tribe Hostel always strives to excel. We understand how vital it is to have a healthy lifestyle hence we follow strict protocols when it comes to food not just at our Student Hostel in Pune but also in Mumbai. 

But that’s not all. We have more exciting news for the rest of the world out there. After reading all this, we are positive that you would like your hands on some soul-filling and mouth-watering food from Cafe Mamaliga. And now, you needn’t wait anymore as we are extending this privilege to share the Cafe Mamaliga taste beyond the kitchen, and with people around the world. We are now open and accessible to the public and you can come check us out at both Tribe Hostel in Viman Nagar and in Wakad.

While Student Hostels in Pune have always been around, the current fad is to move into fancier, co-living spaces that offer the latest stay features and facilities. Co-living has in fact found quite a popularity among the young crowd these days and it aids residents to meet people from different walks of life across different ages and gender hence letting you evolve holistically. And if this co-living space offers the best hang-out spot in town, then it is something you would not want to miss out on.

So, the next time you’re thinking of relaxing and having a chillax time with your friends at the hottest spot in Pune, come over and you are sure to love not just the food but the vibe too.

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