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How to use hostel room spaces efficiently– Quick Tips from Tribe Hostel

We know how rooms in a hostel can be deemed to be simple, flat, and most often, messy. Especially if you are sharing your space, chances are that the room can get messy. But living in your room comfortably is of utmost importance. Why? Because happy and neat surroundings also play a significant role in providing positive vibes. And nobody really wants to live in a filthy space.

We are all quite aware of the horrible living situations one might encounter, especially if you are living in a Student hostel in Mumbai. And the Student accommodation in Pune isn’t far behind either. Being a young adult who just moved into a new city is not easy and you might even hardly have the budget to spend on spacious and luxurious accommodation. And if you are a student or a working individual, there is hardly any time to juggle between your busy schedule and finding time to do domestic chores at your hostel. But at the same time, it is vital to study/work/ live in a space that is well organized. But there are ways to revamp and use your precious space efficiently while living in a hostel. If you are to organize and transform your hostel room, then we are here to spill the tea exactly on that.

First things first – make use of unutilized space such as space under the bed, corners of the room, back of the door, sides of the mirror, etc. Hostel rooms can be tiny and most of the time, cramped. So it is essential for every hosteller to utilize the space they are given but in an efficient manner. A lot of beds in the hostel come with storage spaces built in. However, if it doesn’t have storage, you can always fill it up with suitcases or boxes that you often use less otherwise. The back of the door and sides of the mirror is always great space to hang items including shawls, ID cards, etc. Another great tip to always keep at the back of your hand is – to start using functional decor if you haven’t already! It not only helps maximize the use of unutilized spaces but also helps uplift the look and feel of the room.

The next tip is to get rid of unnecessary items – the act of decluttering. First and foremost, get rid of the junk. Most Student hostels in Mumbai and Student accommodations in Pune have very limited storage space. Hence it is vital to take note of the things that are absolutely necessary and throw out things that you barely ever use. Because nobody wants to live with a hoarder. Keeping an organized space for your things is the next best tip to follow. While living in a hostel, sometimes, things can be misplaced, and hence a problem for you to find your items. A designated space also allows you to navigate across your things easily especially if you are in a hurry to find and it is best to categorize your belongings under each container including – clothes, toiletries, cosmetics, gadgets, medicines, jewelry, etc. And in this way, your space will look a lot neater and daily objects won’t be misplaced or seen lying around cluttering in your room.

Honestly, nothing can compare to the joy of living in a tidy, clean, and well-organized hostel room. It is just not about the comfort but the good feeling you get while staying in a clean room will not help you relax but also provide a positive environment for you to study or work. 

Our Tribe Hostels both in Pune and Mumbai offer room for you that are classy, clean, and socially distanced rooms. We are also equipped with international-style single as well as twin ensuite rooms. So, if you are looking for Student hostels in Mumbai or Student accommodations in Pune, then Tribe Hostel is the place to stay at!

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