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Moving to a hostel in india? Here are 7 things you HAVE to keep in mind.

27 January 2022


Viman nagar hostel

Hostel life can not be compared with anything in life, it has its own charms. Hostel life is filled with fun, friends and memories. Do not let it become a place that you will regret later in life. That is why we are here to help you to find the best hostel for you. The 8 most important things to look for when choosing a student hostel in India.

  1. Safety
    Is this student Hostel safe for you? What to look for to confirm your safety at the hostel. As a parent, the most important safety features to look for in a hostel for your child Safety – biometrics, security measures, covid norms, emergency measures in case of emergencies, food sanitisation checks, food quality control and quality of other residents staying.Check for cleanliness around campus, look at maintenance around campus, notice professionalism of staff, quality of sample rooms must be top notch. Know before visiting if a hostel walk-around is 100% genuine or with fake promises. Check this Top student hostel brands in India, which provides the best student living experiences in India with all inclusive packages for girls and boys. Hostellers, Nomad hostel, Zostel, Tribestays.

  1. Facilities
    Wifi, housekeeping, laundry, and well prepared meals are the necessities for every student;s life. Doing laundry and cleaning the room can feel like a huge task when you are away from home, We understand managing studies, expenses and also keeping an active social life is not as easy as seems, So look for hostels where you do not need to worry about cleaning your room everyday and spending time on doing laundry. Check for amenities that the hostel offers before choosing any.

  1. Twin room Vs a single room Vs a triple sharing room, does it matter?
    Every student has a different preference. Some may like to be with people all time, some may prefer their own space in the room. It totally depends on what kind of person you are. If you do not like to share your space with anyone, and want your own privacy then we suggest you go for single sharing. Opt for twin sharing or triple sharing if you are ready to adjust with your roommate, but having a roommate is always a fun experience in hostel life. Your roommate may turn into your best buddies for life.
  2. Food
    While choosing a student hostel food is the most concerning topic. make sure you have  unlimited access to food  so you’re always full. quality control on food, sanitisation checks and measures should be there. Students do not have enough time to prepare meals for them, so it is best if you look for a hostel  which serves 3/4  course meals with a variety of cuisines.
  3. 5 hidden features you need in student hostels in India that you must know about!
    There are some necessities in hostel life and some things can make your hostel life better and easier. Those 5 things include  Electricity backup, emergency measures, games and entertainment choices, type of events organised through the year and the app and tech. Check out some of the best hostels in pune and mumbai which have all the features.
  4. Cheaper is not always better
    Cheaper is  not better most of the time in terms of student hostels in India. Do not compromise on things you need the most in life, check out facilities of hostels you short listed and then choose what is best for you not what is the best deal in terms of money but do not really fulfill your necessities in a hostel.
  5. Apartment vs hostel
    When you are away from home, you look for a lot of options and then choose one which is completely understandable. If you are considering Apartments , you have to deal with brokerage, bills, food, maids, furniture e.t.c. Managing everything on your own specially when you are the first timer can be very challenging. But if you opt for a hostel, everything you need will be taken care of while you stay there. And sometimes you end up paying more in rented apartments than in a hostel.

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