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Co-living At Tribe Hostel – Experience The New Gen Way of Living

Imagine you got admission to a new college or just landed your dream job…but it is in a new city like Pune! You probably would have done your round of research and found a few student hostels in Pune or a place of accommodation but it either is too expensive, not clean, has poor facilities, or does not fit what you are looking for. But then, imagine a parallel situation where you find the perfect accommodation where the rooms are clean and neat, with individual beds, nutritious and delicious timely meals, recreational areas for you to unwind and relax, a gym so that you do not miss out on your workouts, in-house laundry services & housekeeping services. To top it all, the rent fits the budget you are looking for!

By reshaping the concept of hostel living, Tribe Hostel introduces to you a co-living experience that will give you the premium-ness and facilities of a hotel and the freedom of an apartment. Unlike a traditional, age-old PG or a hostel, co-living spaces help liberate the individual self and gain a different living experience. The concept at Tribe Stays is rather different and we strive to provide you with a space where you get to also interact with like-minded people helping you elevate not just on a personal but on a professional front too.

Common workspace at Hostel

So, what exactly is co-living?

Co-living is a residential community living model which accommodates residents from different walks of life and is facilitated by a professional host. It is flexible, convenient, and affordable where living together is made to feel better and inclusive. It is not just about providing rooms for you to stay in but a space for you to feel comfortable and be you! Equipped with top-notch facilities and enough capacity, Tribe Hostel provides ample personal space for you to explore while the daily chores from cleaning to cooking are taken care of. Let’s be honest, a good Student Hostel in Pune is quite difficult to find as there are very less options that cater to all your student needs. And when moving to a different city to pursue your education, hunting down the best accommodation within such a short span is too much work. Rather, isn’t it best to move into a place where everything is already set and avoid all hassles of finding the perfect yet comfortable stay? 

Aesthetic luxury hostel

And we get it. After attending classes or working tirelessly for a whole day, everyone wants to come back to a homely space. And that is exactly why co-living spaces at Tribe Hostels are the place for you!

Now, that you got a taste of what co-living means, let’s try and understand the importance and benefits of co-living. 

Well, for starters, living together is the best! Why? Because imagine you are in an environment with like-minded people who has great vibes, who are from different walks of life, with different experiences! This will help nurture you too as an individual. And most importantly, this model of living has been crafted keeping in mind the millennial and GenZ way of life. The young crowd is always looking out for opportunities to meet new people and learn new stories. And parallelly, helps cater to a positive environmental impact of sharing resources and costs to reduce resource wastages.

fun events at hostel

At Tribe, there are numerous benefits and features that are sure to make you feel welcome. From 24×7 cafes, professional security systems, international standard rooms, housekeeping and laundry services, entertainment zones, breakout rooms, RFID & biometric security systems, and healthy and nutritious food – all these features are carefully constructed to cater to the needs of our young crowd.

good food at hostel

So, the next time you are looking for a Student Hostel in Pune, Tribe hostel is the place to be. Now, all you have to do is, book your stay, pack your bags, and just move right in! Because we have got you covered!

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