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Unveiling Tribe Hostel’s 2022 Pandora Fest – Bandemonium – A Battle of Bands

As the folks leave the comfort of their home for the first time and move into a new city in search of endeavours, a comfortable stay and comfort will always be of the utmost importance. And it always must be. Why? Because if you do not eat healthily or get a good night’s sleep, how will you achieve what you are working for? But Tribe Stays believes that in order to shape one’s personality and also help attain one’s goal, a sense of community building is vital. And that is exactly why Tribe Hostel in Pune felt the need to go beyond a ‘regular hostel experience’ and change the vibe to something more fun and wholesome. And we aren’t just speaking about the boys’ hostels but also the Girls Pune Hostels where you can find safe and comfortable stays that can also bring endless happiness, fun, and fulfilment! And nothing compares to the fun sessions hostel experiences at Tribe Stays. When we say fun sessions, we also mean the battle of the bands conducted for our hostel residents. Wait, whaaatt?! A hostel battle of the band session? Don’t believe us? You should check it out for yourself. At Tribe, we always seek to bring out the most interactive, new-gen experiences for our young minds.

So, without further ado we want to introduce to you, Pandora 2022: A Hunt for the creative talents all over Pune & Mumbai. Pandora is Tribe’s virtual fest this year, hosted Bandemonium where the residents at Tribe who live, breathe, and play music got invited to send their band performance entry videos online. After careful consideration, the best entries and profiles got the chance to feature on Tribe Stays social media pages. Many aspiring college student bands participated. Top 5 bands who levelled up to Challenge round included the ‘Blueberry Pancakes, Em0bolize, Ecdysis, Sensedatum, and Synesthesia. So now, what? How do they gain the top victory? Top 5 bands out of Top 10 selected band entries with the highest likes got to enter the challenge round. In the Bandemonium challenge round, the selected bands have to cover a song from the evergreen band ‘Coldplay’ with their own twist! All the participants have to do is shoot a reel covering the song and the performance with the highest votes was selected for the final round.

And what’s the final round? A Face-off at Viman Nagar and the winning band gets to perform live at The High Spirits Cafe, Pune, and take home an amazing cash prize worth Rs. 10,000! The invitation is not restricted to residents at our Hostel in Pune, but is open to all  students  in Pune to be a part of this legendary music journey.

We understand how music moves one soul and an opportunity to showcase your talents should never be missed out on. If you have your talents, flaunt them. Because like the famous saying goes, You Only Live Once. And that is exactly why we encourage young talents across both are hostels – at Mumbai and the residents of our Hostels in Pune to come to be a part of this musical journey and embrace the soulful performances. And when we say music, we see no gender boundary and believe in a co-living experience, hence the contest is not just open to our residents in the boys’ hostel but also to the residents of our Girls Pune Hostels.

Isn’t it quite fascinating to see how a hostel could provide you with such an experience? Well, we know how to cater to a young person’s mind and go beyond what is ordinary by bringing in ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas! So, next time you’re thinking of wanting to stay at a place and explore what’s beyond a hostel stay, think of Tribe stays!

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