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Things to check before finalizing your accommodation at Hostels in Pune

Moving away from your cozy nest to a new place in search of new opportunities, education or work is fun and exciting until the question of ‘good accommodation’ comes into the picture. First of all, finding a good enough space for accommodation is a hurdle to cross and on top of that, making sure this accommodation not just caters to your basic needs but also helps shape your overall stay experience on a positive note, is another hassle to handle altogether. 

Having said that, the new generation, being nomadic in every sense, are always seeking for a different living experience no matter where they are travelling to. With a dynamic shift in seen towards ‘co-living’ experience, hostels in Pune are accommodating this current need for co-living. And this is where Tribe Stays comes into the picture…making the process of finding Student accommodation in Pune rather an easy task. 

But there are a couple of things to keep in check before finalizing your stay be it for a short or long tenure. It is not always just about having a bad and neat environment for you to stay in. The real question is, is it budget-friendly, comfortable, has good facilities, is situated in a safe locality, and does it provide other amenities? And the list is endless. And we get it. No compromise should happen in this whatsoever. So, we decided to make a checklist for you by understanding what every hosteller’s needs are so that all you have to do is, scrutinize the list, pack your bags and just move into Tribe Stays!

  • Choosing the hostel that caters to your need
    Tribe Hostel in Pune are designed in such a way that it caters to every hosteller’s needs and that fits a student or an early jobber’s budget. If you wish to have a room to yourself or want to share a space in order to meet new people, we have got you covered as we offer single occupancy, twin-sharing, and luxury twin-sharing rooms too. Tribe Hostels are designed in a manner that would help accommodate each and every requirement of yours making it a great option for you to live in whether you are studying or working. 
  • Location and Connectivity
    The primary factor to consider while searching for Student accommodation in Pune should be the location. It is also a good practice to check if you have access to good connectivity in terms of finding safe and economical local transportation or cabs if you are a person who would want to step out every day. Tribe Stays offers classy hostels with top-notch facilities in the most prime locations of Pune – Wakad and Viman Nagar. Surrounded by grocery shops, restaurants, shopping spots, hospitals, medical stores, and many more, Tribe Hostel is Pune is the perfect fit for you if you are looking to shift soon.
  • Food and other stay facilities
     Incorporated with an in-house cafe, food at Tribe Stays is something that you would never have to worry about. At Cafe Mamaliga, all your meals are carefully planned to keep them nutritious yet delicious. But that’s not all. We also provide you with fitness centers, entertainment zones, breakout areas, high-speed Wi-Fi, chill zones, laundry, housekeeping services, and many more, making your stay a comfortable one.

By now, you would have got a sense of what Tribe Stays has to offer. We are all about making your stay with us a comfortable yet enriching one. Apart from the ones listed above, we also are here to make sure that each and every day of your stay with us is entertaining and happening. Come, and join our Tribe family if you are looking for an enjoyable co-living hotel experience.

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