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Long Term Student Girls Hostel in Vile Parle: Your perfect beginning to an adventurous life

If you are a female student studying or working away from home, you must have had a tough time convincing your parents to let go of your safety net. In many Indian households, a girl student staying away from home in a hostel isn’t an acceptable practice. However, the concern is genuine and perpetual.

Living in a different city, in student accommodation, and pursuing higher studies is a rite of passage for every millennial. Unfortunately, not all parents have adjusted to the change when female students are in question. For the ones who do, the only thing to worry about is finding a good girls’ hostel.

However, India is home to some great universities but has no suitable arrangements for students to spend their next 3-4 years comfortably.

How does Mumbai Girls Hostel make life adventurous for Students?

Hostel life has so much to offer, especially in Metropolitan cities like Mumbai. The nightlife, the local streets, the attractive spots, and the freedom look lucrative. But for students, the priority is finding a place they can call home for the next few years. And if we are talking about female students, safety is of prime importance. That’s why finding a good girls’ hostel in Mumbai becomes challenging.

But Tribe understood the hardships of a female student and established a premium space for girls in a high-end area (Vile Parle). The community here understands that like boys feel safe living far away from home, so should the female students. It isn’t worth agonizing over safety and not making full of the opportunities as a student exploring university life.

Now before you start scratching your head to find reasons for traversing through Tribe’s student accommodation for Girls in Vile Parle amongst all other girl’s hostels in Mumbai, we have some fun things to tell you, gals. And you wouldn’t be able to contain your excitement about starting your new adventure.

Living a Warden-Free Life

Wardens, we tell you! Every flick watched has portrayed wardens as living, breathing reminders of remote control deciding when girls should leave their hostel. But that’s not the culture here at the tribe. We believe in autonomy because everyone is an adult. Believe it or not, students living in Mumbai hostels are more independent and responsible because they are in a different city, making their way through classes, work, and simultaneously enjoying life. They wouldn’t want to indulge in mishappenings in their right minds. So freedom is the key.

No Curfew restricting the Fun

Even without wardens, the curfew timings set in Mumbai hostels could take out the fun. All the fun begins at night, and the idea of returning to the hostel by 8 is not very happening. In a city like Mumbai, life starts at night, and you wouldn’t want to be cooped up in your hostel room thinking that if you get the chance to go out, you will hop right out of the window. That’s why the Tribe girls hostel in Mumbai (Vile Parle) does not believe in curfew because the night is still young.


Safety works through technology

The tribe has a robust security system that gives every student the safety they seek inside a hostel room at any time of the day. The RFID bands are an incredible innovation, a key to many things in luxury student accommodation. Safety for girls is a real deal, and to feel comfortable at their second place of stay, primarily if it is meant to be a long-time thing, the RFID bands are the best thing they have.


Food worth remembering your Home

For girl students living far away from home means taking good care of their health & hygiene which isn’t an easy job. Amidst all the assignments, tests, and evaluations, students need all the nutrients and healthy habits. And Tribe has been awarded for the food it provides to the student, and it is prepared in complete adherence to nutrients and hygiene so that students feel they are eating at home.

There is more to explore in the Tribe luxury accommodation for the student, and everything is worth your time. Get to know more about us on our website.

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