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The traveling Hostelier – What do student travel enthusiasts want from Long term hostels?

Students from all walks of life move to a new city, hoping to make a living from their education, knowledge, and skills. In the beginning, they seek a stay that gives them comfort on par with their home. But there are several other expectations millennial students have from Mumbai & Pune hostels, and every one of these facilities needs to understand them.

Students today are not bound by their curriculum to wait for traveling places. Most of them like to travel on the go, significantly how the class structure has changed in most universities. So, they seek a place to stay that not just becomes their home for studying in the long term but offers the comfort and place to dwell when they return from a travel adventure.

It must have a similar cozy feeling and not seem like a bland hostel that serves crappy food and has metal bunker beds with cheap, hard mattresses. So here is what any traveling hosteler student wants from their long-term hostels in Pune or Mumbai.


Students are not professionals earning their own pennies; they have to manage their traveling expenses and, simultaneously, manage money to pursue their education. So it is essential to find an affordable place with not-so-hot-shot pricing details. It should sum up their ability to pay monthly rent for the hostel in Pune or Mumbai and give them the liberty to come back from long travel holidays to stay and get back to their study routine.

Community Kitchens & Common Areas

A long-term hostel should have a place where everyone can vibe. They need a place where they can form a community, feel they belong and meet new people. Community kitchens or common areas are prevalent in hostels. It isn’t just about sipping a cup of coffee or filling your belly with food in one corner. It is about the conversation and memories shared in the place and breaking the ice.


Cleanliness and hygiene in a hostel are every student’s desire, especially if they live there for the long term. There are shared toilets and bathrooms to use for students residing. So if a bunch of them keep it untidy, it affects everyone. So students seek places where there is not only cleaning done every day. But a code of conduct is set for students to follow and tidy the place. Even when it concerns food, they should never miss their home in that context and feed their health all the nutrition properly.


This is something important for regular students as well as traveling hostelers too. When they vacation in some place, they want their room to have the utmost security of their commodities. Mumbai hostels that have the best technology in place to survive better and see more students swarming up to trust and stay for a more extended period.

Privacy & No unnecessary restrictions

A long-term hostel open to welcoming students who love to keep traveling while pursuing their studies means a liberating experience providing a place to stay. The students can go on adventurous trips whenever they like and return to their student accommodation as the new semester begins. There should be enough privacy, so they feel secure at home and simultaneously explore their wishes like a nomad. Hence, the hostels should be open to welcoming students, helping them in this exploration, and letting them have fun.

Students who love to travel around the world while studying look for a Hostel in Mumbai or Pune which offers comfort like home, food that provides hygiene, and adventures that make them look back to the memories they made long before. Tribe aims to provide a similar experience to students living in distant cities and leave wholesome memories behind when they graduate.

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