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Tribe solves 5 most common problems faced by Hostellers in Mumbai.

Moving away from home to a bustling new city like Mumbai, meeting new people, seeing new places, and living in a different room can all be an exhilarating experience but on the contrary, can also be taxing. The need to have a home-like experience for Hostels in Mumbai can also be quite difficult to find. You can find plenty of Mumbai hostels and many ever cater to more than just your basic needs.

Homesickness, issues with managing time efficiently, keeping a check on your mental health, socializing & making new friends, and unhealthy diets are the most experienced difficulties among people while staying in a hostel. But we hear you! We hear your problems. And we have a solution. But first, let’s delve into the most common problems faced by hostellers:

Homesickness & Mental Health – It is a common phenomenon faced by many young professionals and students who have stepped away from home and are missing the comfort and warmth of their safe spaces and loved ones. This often causes stress and anxiety hence it is vital to make sure that the new space you move into keeps you comfortable, caters to your needs, provides you the space to socialize, and makes you feel welcomed and at home. At Tribe, this is exactly what we strive to provide. A space for you to have a comfortable stay, feel relaxed, focus on your work, and parallelly, create a space for you to meet and vibe with new people. 

A healthy diet – We all have gone through that phase of how hostel foods are tasteless, bland, and boring. And many Hostels in Mumbai are renowned for the same. But in return for this, a lot of them turn towards the next best option – resorting to outside/ fast/ packaged foods. But in the long run, this can cause adverse health effects. So, what if we told you, that Tribe could bust this ‘bad food at hostel’ problem and provide you with healthy, delightful, and mouth-watering meals? A menu that is carefully curated by in-house chefs and nutritionists only to give you the best not just in terms of taste but in health too. Check out our Cafe Mamaliga for more and you’d never complain about hostel foods anymore!

Time Management – Living independently and away from family gives you the freedom and space to live your life the way you desire. But that comes at a cost. At Mumbai hostels, it gets difficult to manage your time when it comes to eating, studying, taking care of your personal hygiene, etc. And this poses a great difficulty among new hostellers. With world-class facilities, timely service of food, and other assistance including housekeeping & laundry, Tribe aids to provide different spaces for you to find time for work/study, socialize, sleep & eat healthy time thus enabling to you manage your time, across different life activities, effectively. 

Making new friends – Hostel spaces have rather become an ideal choice for working professionals and students. Ever wondered why? Because it creates a space to build social networks and connections. It enables you to build your socializing skills and meet people from varied domains and backgrounds making it easier to settle into a new place. So, next time when you feel apprehensive about shifting to a hostel, think of Tribe! We strive to provide the best hostel living experience by helping you bond with your roommates and neighbors by providing an all-inclusive and caring community vibe. 

By reshaping the concept of Mumbai hostel living, Tribe brings a holistic approach where it includes not just top-notch facilities and amenities catering to your stay needs but also a space for you to meet new friends, make good memories, and most importantly, a space to be you. Hence bringing in more ‘life’ to hostel living and making Hostels in Mumbai a home away from home, indeed. So, come, and join our Tribe family!

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