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Tribe Stays Hostel Induction Session Vile Parle Mumbai Hostel Edition

When you think of moving into a hostel, a hostel induction session is not the first thing that would come running into your mind. And in all possibilities, if there was a hostel induction session present, you would ever not imagine it to be “fun”. Because in all honesty, Hostel induction sessions are known to be dull. Isn’t that right? And the fact that you have to interact and meet your fellow hostellers can also be quite nerve-racking.  Well, here at Tribe Hostels in Mumbai, we decided to change this narrative and make induction sessions more vibrant, fun, and most importantly, make the process of ‘breaking the ice with others, to be more lively. Held on the 28th of August at Tribe Vile Parle, the hostel induction session was power-packed with a culmination of varied activities, and interesting one-of-a-kind workshops. The day started off with some snack time. And as we all know, there is no better way to bond than over food and some light conversations.

There are numerous Mumbai hostels that cater to the basic needs of their hostellers. But Tribe Stays has to offer a lot more than your basic needs. Following the morning snack time, a short introductory session was held which gave the hostellers a sense of what to expect at Tribe Stays – a luxurious living experience that is beyond a typical stay expectation clubbed with magnificent facilities including a Fitness Centre, free Wi-Fi, planned healthy meals, ERP systems, laundry services and many more… something that most Hostels in Mumbai miss providing out on. 

Orientation Party at Mumbai Hostel

The next event in line for the day is not something that you would expect out of a regular hostel induction session. Ever heard of a workshop on ‘how to build a Rs. 1 Crore startup as a student’ being a part of an orientation session, let alone a hostel induction session? Well, we at Tribe Mumbai Hostels went all bonkers and decided to bring something innovative, informative, and interactive for our young and high-spirited hostellers. Pro-tips shared during this workshop helped aid our audience to be cognizant of the numerous possibilities available out there in the world to go grab.

Once hostellers started blending in, we decided to get them to go grab their shoes and hop on to a class full of groove moves and a thrilling dance experience at the Jazz funk dance workshop. The hostellers were thoroughly seen to have a fun time during this program. A legendary scavenger hunt was what was planned next. We felt that in order for the hostellers to have a meaningful event to enjoy their tenure at Tribe Stays, a scavenger hunt was vital. It not only helps provide an exceptional experience but also aids the hostellers to gain access to the different locations offered at Tribe Mumbai hostels including chill zones, fitness centres, in-house cafes, ensuite rooms etc. Following this, keeping the young pulse in mind, a live music session was arranged for the hostellers to unwind, relax and vibe. A special induction lunch with a delectable spread was organized post this which was the real cherry on the cake making the interaction with their fellow hostellers fun and engaging.

So next time when you are thinking of crashing at any one of the cool Hostels in Mumbai, that makes your stay not just a pleasant one but also an interactive one and parallelly contributes to your experiential learning, think of us. Think of Tribe Stays. Because we have more exciting things in store for you and your friends. We will be more than delighted to welcome you onboard!

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